Happy Birthday!

Today is The Lost Fan Blog's birthday! It's been one year since the start of the blog and what a year it's been! I'd just like to thank everyone who reads my posts regularly and anyone who helped me along the way.

...And Many More!

Take a look back at the first month.

Most Memorable Posts:

No, it's not Carrot Top! (Funny title, eh?)
Aww! (Aww!)
Enter the hatch. (My first gif!)
Complicated—Intense—Cool (my weirdest post?)

Best 23 Post Titles:
These are separated into various categories based on different subject matter. In order to understand some of the titles, I recommend that you refer to the coinciding posts.

**Winners in this category are titles that make the reader wonder the sanity of the writer**

1. Hatch: He Ate The Charred Hotdog
2. Deep "Evil" Toast
3. Dagbladet!
4. Apparently she's not colorblind...
5. "Lost" goes MAD
6. Newcomers are it!

**Winners in this category are titles that best relate the topic at hand to other works**

1. A Time to Kill?
2. Another One Bites the Dust
3. Apollo 815
4. You're on Candid Camera!
5. The Hunt for Red October
6. Money, Money, Money
7. No....It's not Carrot Top

**Winners in this category don't really fit in the other categories**

1. (Insert Catchy Title Here)
2. When will we get answers?
3. Just Another Pointless Fan-Made Picture
4. 70s Hatch Pad: Part One
5. Complicated-Intense-Cool
6. We know what they mean....but what the heck are they?
7. To Arkansasians:
8. Prewritten obituary?

And the Best post title of the year is...

Drum roll please...

(Insert Catchy Title Here) is the winner!

---It is hard to track the actual day of the begining of the blog, however I feel this date is most accurate.

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Happy Birthday to a Great Blog Site!!!!

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