"Lost" is a video game

By Jennifer Buckendorff of Seattletimes.nwsource.com

Lost" is the first television program that owes its soul to video games. Remember the feeling you got the first time you tried a treasure hunt? For fans willing to "game" the show, it's the same thrill.

Unlike traditionally passive television shows, which expect viewers to zone out in a couch-potato haze, "Lost," which returns with new episodes Wednesday night, has embedded clues throughout. It's these recurring tidbits — and the patterns they form — that make "Lost" the first show to resemble a video game.

"Lost" is known for its sweeping themes. Take the show's title, for example: The characters aren't just lost on a deserted island; they're lost souls. The group of castaways includes a junkie, a lottery winner surrounded by bad luck, a doctor whose emotionally abusive father has just died and a woman who wanted to escape her marriage.

The show likes to play with its audience, inverting our preconceptions. The seemingly fragile and vulnerable young woman, Kate, happens to have a history of violent crime. The knowledgeable and soft-spoken Arab gentleman, Sayid, actually was a ruthless interrogator in the Iraqi Republican Guard. Both also are considered heroes on the show. Read More...

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