ABC will be preempting "Lost" in Central Iowa for basketball on January 25, February 8, February 15 (Hmm, 8 and 15..two numbers...nevermind, I'm paranoid), and February 22. I suggest you consult a local reference for the dates of their airings.

ABC is throwing away opportunities. Speaking-from-a-uninformed-and-unknowledgeable-in-this-topic perspective, wouldn't it be common sense to air "Lost" in place of basketball.

Basketball: Less viewership=less profits
Lost: More viewership=more profits

Ofcourse, perhaps basketball has more viewership and I presume this all works out some how for ABC nevertheless. However, in reference to the dilemma mentioned in the post "For Arkansasians", don't you think ABC would generate more profits if they aired "Lost" at a time slot other than half past midnight?


Posted byNick at 5:27 PM

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