No....It's not Carrot Top

It's Hurley!
The above picture is a screen capture from the Lost episode, "...In Translation." It is from the scene where Jin makes a visit to a worker of Sun's father's business. In the next room, his little Korean girl watches television. And look who's on Tv----no it's not Carrot Top---it's Hurley.

But is she watching LOST and it's just an obscure joke, or is she watching Hurley winning the lottery? The following picture is of Hurley when he is winning the lottery:

Three conspicious problems:
---He's wearing a different shirt in picture 2
---There are no cars in picture 2
---The background house is different in picture 2

Also, it is not a picture of Hurley getting arrested, because although the house is yellow (not shown) he's wearing a different shirt (and other reasons....:

So in conclusion, it is either a blooper, a joke from the producers, Hurley on television for some other reason, or in my opinion---It was taped before "Numbers" was taped and a short footage of Hurley had to be made for the scene, so the shirt so the whole background is different.....

...but rest assured, it isn't Carrot Top.

Posted byNick at 2:44 PM

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