Saint Patty's Spoilers

To Celebrate Saint Patrick's here are some spoilers!(parenthesis are editorial)

03/16 - According to one of the producers, there is a new series regular, Daniel Roebuck. He will appear in the last three episodes of Lost. Source: The Fuselage
(I tell you what if he's the guy who dies then that's cheap!) [Update] He's the guy who died.

11/14 - A cargo plane shipping zoo animals also crashed on the island once. Source: The Fuselage
(explains the polar bear, the French Lady, and the Giraffe that Hurley was yacking about)

11/15 - Jack's Father's body WAS on the plane. Source: The Fuselage
(Or WAS it....)

At least one main character and several minor ones will die before season’s end. Source: Ain't It Cool News
(duh...but for those of you who don't know, the Steve/Scott guy and Ethan and the drowned character etc.....are MINOR CHARACTER!, someone else will die...)

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