The lovable pooch, Vincent, is golden labrador retriever. In real life her name is Madison, but on Lost she takes the role of a male dog owned by Walt. Though she is used to being depressed at being called a 'dog' (she feels this is animalist) and disappointed at getting the role of a male character, Madison still does her job well. There is a rumor that Madison is dating Boone.
Madison even has a fictional memoir about her adventures out. Read it here.

Okay well, here's some er facts--

Madison is five years and loves to socialize. Among her achievements is the 8th most obedient dog in Hawaii. She spends most of her time around tennis balls, that is, when she's not acting.
However, in internet forums, the character she plays is defined as the "shifty-eyed lab." They think 'he'(vincent) might hold the key to the island's secrets. Maybe, just maybe even, maybe, Vincent is evil.

But trainers had a hard time making Madison bark and act angry during one scene, because Madison is such a good-natured dog,

And who could argue with that face.

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