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I think many Lost fans agree that this was a good episode that for the first time revealed a thing or two. Yet I'm sure they wouldn't mind a few more things. An episode summary for Exodus Part 1 can be found at Exodus 1 Summary. Reading through this summary you will come across various scenes that weren't actually in the episode. Deleted scenes? Misprint? By far contrary to the latter! These scenes are long and make sense. The former? They could be deleted scenes. Yet, these scenes are important and most likely were "lost" because of limited show time and commercial breaks.

Below are the scenes:

Back at the beach, Claire asks Rousseau how she knows her. She can't place it, but she knows they have met before. But that's impossible, and Rousseau says as much. Claire tells her about Ethan kidnapping her, that she escaped, but she can't remember how. Rousseau ignores her and busies herself with the new hiking boots she has obviously liberated from the camp. Something seems to click inside Claire. "You saved me, didn't you? That's why I remember you, you saved me from him." Rousseau gives a quick look to Claire and then to the baby. "We have never met." And with that she walks away.

We FLASHBACK to the Sydney airport and see Sayid considering that same necktie on a rack with many others. A woman is helping him decide. She asks him what he will be using it for. "I'm going to see a woman." Sayid asks her to pick it for him and she points him towards the yellow one. As she rings it up she asks the girl's name and Sayid can't help but smile when he tells her. "Nadia." And as he is lost in the emotion of finally seeing his love again, the airport police arrive and ask him if he left a bag unattended earlier. He tries to tell them that he asked someone (Shannon) to watch it for him, but they aren't hearing it and tell him he needs to come with them. "Of course I do."

Charlie and Claire watch Rousseau from a distance and worry. Charlie does his best to comfort the girl he cares so much for, but it's an uphill battle. Claire tells Charlie that, when she escaped from Ethan -- however she got away -- she knew they would come back for her. Charlie realizes something. "Is that why you haven't named the baby?" Claire's eyes fill with tears, but remain firmly fixed on Rousseau. She nods her answer.

Wow! The first one really gives a big hint in the plot. They should have shown it...

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At the very end, when Hurley is getting on the plane, he looks at Walt in a knowing way and they smile at each other. Hurley then sits down and picks up the comic book with the polar bear on the cover. Any significance? Comments?

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