Apparently she's not colorblind...

The meaning of my title is that the French girl is not insane---well not completely...The reason this thing is called the "Black Rock" is not because it's black or a rock. After watching Exodus Part 1, I could have told you about Jack not being married anymore, the ship setting sail, but noone---Noone saw this coming. There were theories that the "Black Rock" was a magnet, a pillar, a cloud, the Hatch itself, a robot, a base etc. But I congratulate J.J. Abrams at such good storyline. And keeping it secret.

So what does this mean:
1)The ship is old.
2)The ship is named the black rock.
3)The ship has an inscription underneath "Black Rock" that says something like "Portsmouth"
4)There is something completely wrong in this picture. How did a ship, which sails on water, get in the heart of the jungle?

Posted byNick at 6:06 AM

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