Did you watch the commercials in Wednesday's episode? If you did, you will have noticed a very peculiar one—a "Hanso" commerical was broadcast. Yes, semi-realistically with a phone number and all. And check out the website. Quite a bundle of easter eggs there that I will have to search for...

Seriously, this is wierdly cool.


Sign up for the newsletter. Then type "hello". You'll know when.

Addendum 2

The 105-year-old orangutan is called "Joop", the experimental subject #626. 626 was the scientific number for the Disney character Stitch.

Addendum 3

Go back to the newsletter feature. Type your name. Enter. Type hello. Type yes. Type breakingstrain.

Keep searching. Apparently, it's all part of "The Lost Experience": an interactive way to delve into the secrets of "Lost" and use clues to solve parts of the show.

Posted byNick at 10:55 PM

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jason said... 12:25 AM  

Be sure to talk to Joop. I typed in "breakingstrain," but maybe it doesn't matter what you say. You'll be brought to a weird image and you have to click on a bunch of circles before being presented with an interesting letter.

Ohana26 said... 8:17 AM  

when you get to the letter. click on the name and it will bring you to another letter. click on that name and it gives a strange message.

Anonymous said... 3:36 PM  

Also check out: which with take you to Check out the gallery.

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