One. Two. Three.

One. Ana's shot. Probably dead.

Two. Libby's shot. Could be dead.

Three. Michael's shoots himself in the arm and opens "henry's" door.

Awesome episode with quite an ending!

Here's my take:

Michael was intrigued by the text on the computer and went out for his boy. He found the camp, but was captured by the "Others". The "Others" convince him that they will grant him back his boy if he:

1) Kills Ana.
2) Frees "Henry Gale".
3) marches the survivors into a trap at the "Others" camp, where he will be reunited with Walt.

Michael creates or borrows the lie that they live in tepees and are very primitive and weak. Kate has seen the fake beard and theatrical glue...will she catch on?

I believe that the "Others" hope that they will all come to the camp, where they will be ambushed.

In regard to the deaths:

I think Michael is NOT an "Other", but perhaps might be a little crazy... I think he only killed Ana because the "Others" made him (with penalty of killing Walt and reward of handing him over). I think he killed Libby so she wouldn't rat him out. I think he shot himself because he wants to free Henry.

When everyone comes to the "Hatch" I think he will say that Ana went in to kill Henry Gale, where Henry overpowered her and shot her. Then, he will say that Henry shot Libby and Michael and escaped.

Are Libby and Ana really dead?


Ana: 98%
Libby: 51%

Yep, I think Ana's gone. Her story is finished with this episode and tried to get it all out. Libby, on the other hand, I'm unsure. There's still alot of background for her, in fact, there hasn't been any yet. However, there's been talks of the actress leaving the show AND I think they tried to make the love story with Hurley seem like a tragedy.

Excuse my rambling, I just wanted to deliver my thoughts quickly after the episode.

Posted byNick at 10:22 PM

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Anonymous said... 11:22 PM  

TIVO cut out. What exactly happened when Michael got the gun??

Nick said... 11:59 PM  

Nothing short of important... He shot Ana Lucia. Libby walked in and he shot her too. Also, he opened the door to where "fake-henry" is held captive and shot himself in the arm.

Anonymous said... 1:06 PM  

Why did Ana Lucia and Libby get shot? It was a warning to the other cast members not to get caught driving drunk... or maybe they got drunk after they taped the show where they got shot.

Anonymous said... 2:53 PM  

Ana Lucia's story is not over. Presumably they need to reveal to the doc that she knew his father before he died. How would that happen if she was dead?

Anonymous said... 2:50 PM  

i don't think that's a very important story line...
and if so...
we still have sawyer bumping into jacks dad while analucia sits next to him ;)

Polly said... 3:07 PM  

I think she is dead. If you go on the concept that these "survivors" are in purgatory, she had her moment of reakoning when she chose not to kill the fake Henry....

Libby...hmmm...could be alive, saved by the blanket/backpack she was carrying...look for a flashback episode with her very soon...maybe just a coma for awhile...but she IS on slate for a new tv her contract is up...

BUT...WHO was the woman in the trailer that Jack's dad visited????
Just my two cents...

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