Dave the Barbarian

Maybe he's not a barbarian...but he could be an "Other". Keep reading to learn about tonight's episode and the mysterious character from Hurley's past that we will see.

Title: Dave
Airdate: Wednesday, April 5, 2006
Time: 9:00/8:00c
Offical Summary:Libby lends Hurley support when he begins to think the island is having a strange effect on him, and Locke's sense of purpose is shaken when the prisoner provides new information about the hatch.
AOL Summary:We're off to the looney bin to learn more about Hurley's past. Is he going crazy again after seeing a vision from the past. Meanwhile, Sayid and Ana Lucia confront the faux Henry Gale.
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The person on the left is Lenny. Lenny was the person who told Hurley about the numbers and inadvertently convinced him to use them in the lottery, which "cursed" him.

Parental Warning: TV-14v
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This episode will be Hurley-centric and possibly also Libby-centric.

[This week's episodes is] a Hurley flashback and Damon reveals that “it’s very much about the Libby/Hurley relationship on the island, and starting to develop that. We actually feel that Cynthia and Jorge have great chemistry together and we’re writing towards it, and you know, it’s a sort of very sweet love story that is sort of supplanting the Charlie/Claire relationship while it’s on ice. But we feel like seeing a different side of Hurley, in a relationship with a woman, is really, really cool to us and that’s basically the function that Libby is providing now on the island. But of course, you know, this big thing is dangling out there, which is that he says that he knows her from somewhere. He can’t quite put his finger on it. So we’re obviously going to be addressing that sort of continuing tip of the tongue quandary that he finds himself in.”

Guest starring are Michael Emerson as Henry Gale, Evan Handler as Dave, Bruce Davison as Dr. Brooks, Ron Bottitta as Leonard and Grisel Toledo as nurse.

Lost has hooked up Sex and the City's Evan Handler with a plum guest-star gig: The former Hot Properties shrink will appear in an April episode that delves into the past of Hurley. How deeply? The unlikely Sex symbol will play someone Hurley knew from his days at the mental institution.

When Hurley flashes back to his mental-institution days next month, we're going to meet an old friend of his who looks a lot like Charlotte's husband on Sex and the City.

The episode will feature Phil, a mid-20s/early-30s affable man à la Paul Rudd.

[Jorge] Garcia says Lost fans eager to learn more about Hurley’s backstory will be treated to another Hurley flashback episode this season that depicts his time in a mental institution. "The episode is really interesting," he says. "[What happened to him while he was in the institution] was even a question I had."


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New section! Here are some things that are going to happen in the episode.

1) Sayid holds a gun to Henry Gale and tells him to explain everything he knows about the Others. Henry refuses. Sayid gives him three seconds to spill all. Henry says that he can't because "He" will kill him. Ana says, "You mean the guy with the beard?" Henry says, "Him? He's no one." 3....2....1....

I think that they have been leading us to believe that "Zeke" is the head Other...however the Big Cheese is actually someone else, perhaps Alvar Hanso?

2) Hurley begins to get a little romantic with Libby...when Jin and Sun storm in. Sun says, "We found something. Come on." More people follow them. Afterwards, the camera goes to an diagonal-overhead view and we them looking through the "food drop" they found last week. All the items are "Dharma"-branded. Charlie, [surprisingly] makes a relevant deduction. He says that perhaps Locke was locked in the hatch due to the food drop. Then he asks openly, "Did any o' you guys see a plane last night?" Sawyer says, "Yeah, I saw it tatoo. I just decided not to tell." Then they get in a fierce verbal brawl over who should distribute the food, because as Sawyer describes it: They were acting like "locusts." They decided that Hurley should do it. However, Hurley, who had a confused/secretive countenance the whole time outright rejects their suggestion screaming, "NO! NOT ME! NOT AGAIN!"

I think perhaps Hurley saw the plane or knows something related to the drop. Also I think something related to his past in the mental institution was eeking through his actions there.

3) Hurley asks Sawyer for a favor in return for helping him out with the tree frog [knew this would come up again]. Hurley says he needs medicine. The medicine is not familiar to Sawyer, but Hurley says it will help him to "calm down" and that it is for when you are "seeing things...that aren't supposed to be there." Sawyer asks what Hurley is seeing. Hurley says, "I dunno. Maybe like a bald guy in a bathrobe." Sawyer: "You mean like that guy there?" Hurley turns around and doesn't see anyone suspicious. Sawyer chuckles, says, "Gotcha.", and takes a drought. Hurley headbutts him and tackles him to the ground. The Korean couple just stands aside and laughs. Eventually, Jin trys to hold back Hurley. Sawyer screams "You're crazy!" and Hurley says he is not.

This probably explains why Hurley was in the institution. Also, the "bald guy" is probably the vision of Dave that he sees on the island.

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Charlie: It's French! The French are coming! I've never been so happy to hear the French!

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I haven't seen or heard this mentioned anywhere but did anyone notice the agent that captured Kate in the psych ward breakroom standing behind the doctor as he took the picture of Hurley and Dave?

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