Ursus Maritimus

The words above are from the diagram on the blast door and state the following (when translated from chickenscratch):

Stated Goal Termination Accelerated De-Territorialization Of Ursus Maritimus Through Gene Therapy And Extreme Climate Change

Ursus Maritimus is the scientific term for the polar bear.

I think that since,

1) In the Dharma video, we see a polar bear in the zoology clip.
2) Polar bears are on the island.
3) This is written there.
4) Gene Therapy and Extreme Climate Change
5) De-Territorialization

...Dharma was experimenting with polar bears and something went horribly wrong which caused them to be released from their care. But, where were the holding them when they were in control of the bears?

EDIT: Correction made to the spelling of "Ursus Maritimus" thanks to an anonymous commenter.

Scooby Dooby Doo, where are you?

Posted byNick at 8:49 PM

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Anonymous said... 1:33 PM  

I agree with your translation except instead of termination which doesn't make any sense I think the scribble says repatration in the context meaning to return to their home or origin

Anonymous said... 2:05 PM  

I mean repatriation

Anonymous said... 9:03 AM  

i think that rather than meaning return to their home or origin i think that they were trying to see if the bears could adapt to life on the island thus becoming a sort of "Tropical Polar Bear", thus changing their place of origin rather than returning to the original one.
I also think the bears were allowed to roam the island freely and survive for themselves, rather than being kept in a zoo like holding

Anonymous said... 1:04 AM  

It's "ursus maritimus." That's the correct translation from the chicken-scratch. Ursus maritimus is also the correct name for polar bears.

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