Psychological Experimentation via Isolation

I just finished watching "Dave", which was AWESOME! Anyway, I have a new idea I've been thinking about. Perhaps "The Swan" hatch is a "hatch" focused on experiments with human psychology. The Dharma guys, as mentioned in the video, were supposed to have experimented with a few fields of science. I think they used "The Swan" to isolate patients and study them. The patients would be convinced that the world would end if they didn't push the button and enter the numbers in the "hatch". Also, they were never allowed to leave. Food would arrive via the food drop and the blast doors would disable the patients from leaving. If the button were not to be pushed, then the hieroglyphics would show and a "revving up-magnetic" sound would be heard. I figure that the Dharma crew hoped that even if the person were not convinced the world would end and decided to run the timer out...that this would get him to enter the numbers.

The murals on the wall sure seem to be the product of a crazy person and the needles that Desmond injected himself with might have been keeping him brainwashed in some way.

I think [without much facts to base it on] also that someone in the "hatch" during these experiments was not brainwashed, so to speak. When the food drop occured, he knew that no one could check up on him so he [somehow i dunno] had a blacklight flash on the blastdoor and posted his musings on it. He would write secretively all he knew about the situation and possibly plan an escape.

Also, if Dharma was using the hatch for experimentation...are there cameras that lead to other hatches present in the hatch? Unlikely, but it would be an interesting plot twist if we found out that the whole Flight 815 was undergoing psychological experimentation by Dharma. They could have chosen a select crew of people and manipulated events in their lives to get them on the plane and simulate their crash. All the events...polar bears...Jack's smoke...Desmond...Danielle are all related to Dharma and experiments.

Just some rudimentary thoughts for you to ponder.

The crash of the plane is explained before the season ends. Source: Statements at TCA

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