Blast Door Diagram Analysis

The greatest Tivo moment in the history of television. For a few short seconds, a diagram with the potential to uncover the secrets of "Lost" flashed on the wall of the blast door. Let's analyze it...

The first image is the original one shown in the episode. The second has been edited to be more readable. It's from

It seems to be a map or atleast a diagram of the Dharma settlements on the island.

There are seven stations:

1) The Staff (The medical hatch we saw in Claire's episode.)
2) The Flame
3) The Swan (The residence of the survivors of Flight 815.)
4) Unknown
5) Unknown
6) The Arrow (This is where the Tailes were living.)
7) Unknown. (This hatch for some reason has been crossed out. Remember, in the Dharma video they implied that there were six stations. Perhaps this one was abandoned for some reason or built after the video was made.

Here are Latin Translations for all the Latin Phrases in the Hatch Diagram. (Once again, these are from

Liberate te ex inferis —> "Save yourself from hell."

Cogito ergo coleo —> "I think, therefore I suffer."

Ut sit magna, tamen certe lenta ira deorum est —> "The wrath of the gods may be great, but it certainly is slow."

Aegrescit mendendo —> "The remedy is worse than the disease." (Are they referring to Claire and Ethan with the vaccine?)

^Known as Virgil's phrase it is sometimes used as a battle cry by those who question medical treatment
Can also translate as "The disease worsens with treatment."

Credo nos in fluctu eodem esse —> "I think we're on the same wavelength"

Hic sunt dracones —> "Here be dragons" (A phrase used on old maps to denote dangerous or unexplored territory.)

Sursum corda —>"Lift up your hearts" (Intoned at the start of the Eucharistic Prayer during the Catholic Mass.)

Nil actum reputa si quid superest agendum —> "If anything is left to be done, don't consider that anything has been done." (—by the Roman poet, Lucan)

Malum consilium quod mutari non potest —> "It's a bad plan, one that can't be changed" (—by ancient Roman writer Publilius Syrus)

Mus uni non fidit antro —> "A mouse does not rely on just one hole." (—by the ancient Roman playwright Plautus.)


"Estimated Travel Time Incompatible with 108." This phrase is on the top left side of the diagram. Is it trying to say that you won't be able to travel there and come back in time to repush the button?

Valenzetti What is that?

CVI, CVII Central Ventilator? Computer V—?

Subterranean Conduit The wire that Sayid found?

D.I.H.G.: Dharma Inititiave Henry Gale? Dharma Inititiave Hunting Group?

"Alleged Location of Aborted #7 Large Number of Underground Springs/Heavy Water Table.": The abandoned hatch?

The Square roots of 16, 64, 225: 4, 8, 15

The Pearl? The Pearl?

Cerberus Station Believed to Have been abandoned due to AH/MDG Incident of 1985. OR Possible Catastrophic Malfunction of Cerberus System. Cerberus is the black smoke/monster. This seems to prove that the "monster" is a "Security System" like Danielle had said. But how did Rousseau know it was directly related to Dharma?

(read about the real Cerberus)

P.S. Yesterday was April 1st...Lost is NOT cancelled.
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jason said... 7:56 PM  

Fascinating! Thanks for this.

Ashley said... 12:26 PM  

This is absolutely incredible! I will be thinking about this for quite awhile! Thanks so much for your deciphering skills!

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