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How Now Brown Pau?

Ibid. Different Post.


Did you know? Chopin improvised during his performances and refused to record his works because it would become the musical "trend" of the time. He would be stuck into playing his pieces that way and never be able to change his style.

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the Biermann's said... 4:09 PM  

Hey man have you checked out the LOST diary entry at the official LOST site? It's pretty sweet. Check it out and let me know who you think it is. I believe thee Henry Gail's sister might be Rose.

Nick said... 10:19 PM  

Haven't read that in a while, but I will soon. I heard about it mentioning Henry's sister. I think you could be right on target, except I don't know whether the diary is just playing with our minds. I remember from reading it that I coudn't think of one person who had been in all the scenes that the writer mentioned. I think the purpose of the diary is to portray the lives of all the other castaways through one person. Just my two cents.

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