Lost is Cancelled

Due to a recent Press Release from ABC and widespread forum gossip, I have reason to believe that "Lost" is being cancelled and taken off the air immediately. The Release states that "...Viewership is decreasing exponentially". Many speculate that various main cast members were fired.

The Press Release also mentions: "All the members of the creative of "Lost" have mysteriously disappeared on March 29. Experts hint to an alien abduction."

A Hawaiian islander who could see the set from his home claims that, "The dog, Vincent, took over the set and starting barking orders. Damon Lindeloff had a cow and both he and the cow were later abducted."

The timeslot for future episodes of "Lost" will be filled with new episodes of "Invasion".

ABC's Press Release

Posted byNick at 8:29 AM

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Good April Fool Joke. Sorry to say you didn't get me.

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