Phase Three Discolusure:

I found this little "spoiler" here:

Phase 3 Disclosure: The Dharma Initiative is not a secret international research project. You see, the island is part of another "dimension", I guess you'd call it, and is sort of "in between" the universes that are made of light matter and dark matter. We call it "Dharma". It's part of a whole planet that is pretty much available for colonization. It could also be used as a future conduit for inter-dimensional/intergalactic travel. The only problem is that we can't exist there naturally. The island only materializes when there's a solar eclipse. During that time the unique electromagnetic frequency added to the gravitational distortion allows both it and us to exist within the same space. But that "effect only lasts for 108 minutes, and then the island disappears from our world, taking any inanimate matter with it that's left behind.

If you were standing on the island after the primary eclipse period ended and the 108 minutes were up, you'd feel a great big suck of air and then "PLOP!" you'd fall right back into the ocean. Naked.

We are trying to change that. Actually, Majestic 13 developed a machine years ago that allows us to exist there. It's weird, but once us and the island "disappear" into the Dharma dimension, we have days and nights just like the earth one. But we can't travel more than 42 kilometers outside the machine's effective range.

The plan is to develop a way to genetically engineer animals with the right quantum frequency so they can exist in Dharma on their own. That's what the project is all about, and until now it's been classified.

The fictional tv series "Lost" is part of the worldwide disclosure plan.

Alright, that was eerie...

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