An Unfortunate Series of Events

This was reported to be a spoiler from the "inside". But, hey, we could definitely see this happening. It's really plausible.

"DANIELLE saw Shannon and assumed her for one of the "others" and killed her on spot. Ana saw Danielle brutally stabbing Shannon with a large piece of metal (made into a stabbing weapon) and shot her. Danielle assumed Shannon was sick and killed her. Remember when Danielle tells Sayid, "Watch your people closely"? Well she has been watching Shannon (in fact everyone from hidden distance) for some time now and notices she carries symptons of sickness. Sayid is indeed looking at Ana in rage assuming she killed Shannon but the fact is that Danielle is wounded seriously on the ground and he isn't seeing her YET. Ana is looking guilty because her emotions are flaring off due to the fact that she was too late in SAVING Shannon. In her flashbacks, Ana is a cop and she wasn't able to save people in time ( you will see what I mean) so this plays in with the episode, because she failed to save Shannon. This and MORE will all be revealed after the tailie episode..."


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