The Other 48 Days

Tomorrow, episode "The Other 48 Days" will air and will be extended! It will be a grand total of 5 minutes longer than usual.

How much more could they show us in 5 minutes when commercials will probably make up the bulk of that timespan anyway? I just don't understand it...

Anyway, what you'll see:

"The harrowing first 48 days in the lives of the tail section survivors."

(scroll down)

Absolutely no original castmembers.

Some run-ins with the "Others."

A backstory devoted entirely to Ana Lucia, who was a cop in her pre-island life.

And possibly find out why...

1. Ana Lucia said she liked it better when Eko didn't talk.

2. Libby asked if they'd seen the "kids".

3. Ana has major anger problems.

Posted byNick at 6:44 PM

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Anonymous said... 8:46 PM  

If you won't turn off that annoying music, will you at least give us the option to turn it off when we log onto the site?

Otherwise I'm just gonna stop visiting.

Nick said... 7:36 AM  

To turn off the music, press the pause button on the right sidebar.

Anonymous said... 9:37 AM  


that music is annoying.

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