Mr. Eko

^Mr. Eko, one of the surviving members of the tail section.

During episode "Abandoned", Ana told Mr. Eko something along the lines of "I liked it better when you didn't speak". Is it possible that Mr. Eko was at one time mute? Or is Ana just pulling a smart one like she always does because Eko had been quiet lately?

Perhaps Mr. Eko had gone through a similar phase to that of John Locke. Locke regained the ability to walk, Eko regained the ability to speak.

Mr. Eko's name had gone through changes during the time before he aired on the show. First, he was rumored to be Emeka, then it was said that they would never reveal the name, and finally it was known that he was Mr. Eko.

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lost wallpaper said... 12:31 AM  

mr. eko is one that MUST make a come back in season 6. maybe with his brother, too...

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