Polar bears aren't the only bears on "Lost"

Yes, I'm about to explain the importance of teddy bears to the realm of "Lost". (What's up with this blog, anyway?)

Remember from "...And Found", those freaky "other"-imp people we were head over heels over. (Get it? We used our heads and all we saw were their heels...never mind.) Anyway, you might remember that one was carrying a teddy bear:

Well, in the promotional video for the next episode, "The Other 48 Days", we get a glimpse at yet another teddy bear—or maybe the same one...

The only difference is that the first bear is darker in color than the latter. Maybe the bear got dirtier over time as well, as is only portrayed darker because it is beneath the shadowy jungle, whereas the second bear is on the beach in the sun. Maybe it's meant to be a depiction through props of the light/dark motif.

How did the bear get in the hands of the "Others"? Why did they want it? Is the "Other" holding the bear actually the "Otherized" version of the boy from the tail end seen in the promos?

---I'm running out of creative things to put in this section.

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