Blown Away

^Sayid is shocked as Shannon meets her fate.

But did Shannon really die? If she did, did Ana really kill her?

Here's a few interesting thoughts regarding Shannon's death:

1. Many viewers have noticed that the wound gruesomely portrayed on Shannon looks absolutely nothing like a gunshot wound. In fact, it seems to resemble a knife wound. Since, we don't know how fast "Others" can travel, and we've learned that they can be wherever they want to be, or something along those line...maybe an "Other" stabbed Shannon. Soon after the Tailies and the Rafties (Yes, I'm coining that now) arrive, terrified at the scene. It's very possible that an "Other" could have been there considering the whispers and the suspicions of Ana, Mr. Eko, and Libby. Even eerier, maybe that "Other" is an "Otherized" (Yes, I'm coining that now) Cindy. (Cindy was the girl who was with Jin, Michael, Sawyer, Libby, Mr. Eko, and Ana, but strangely disappeared during their trek.)

2. There are two opposing views regarding this: Some viewers have reported to hearing no gun shot during the scene. Others say they heard two consecetive shots. I'll note that Ana Lucia said that her gun had only one single bullet.

3. When Shannon asked Sayid if he had also seen wet/creepy/whispering Walt, Sayid replied that he had. Was Sayid being honest or did he want Shannon to think he believed her? Also, upon return to camp, will Sayid tell the others that he had seen Walt?...or not...because he actually had never seen him at all.

4. If Shannon was going to die...why did they put so much focus on her backstory which will never have much effect on the plot.

5. Shannon's "death" has really overshadowed Sawyer's "near-death". To be honest, we don't really know whether Shannon is dead or not, and we have to wonder what will happen to Sawyer. In the flashbacks, Jack had to make the choice between saving the life of his future wife or Shannon's father. On the island, he may have to make that decision as whether he will attempt to save Shannon or Sawyer.

6. We have most-likelys and might-bes as to what the "Others" look like, but we don't really know for sure. But, if Ana Lucia thought Shannon was an "Other" then they probably resemble regular human beings.

My opinion is—Shannon's dead and Ana killed her. End of story.

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