Another One Bites the Dust Part 3

And so ends this trilogy of spoilerdom...which I recommend you don't read if you want to be totally and completely shocked tonight. And if you're reading this via email a few days thereafter the episode, I reckon you're currently laughing hysterically at how wrong I was. That's life.

You've heard it before, you'll hear it again...Someone is going to die tonight on "Lost".

At the conclusion of the Oct. 19 episode of "Lost," a sonorous male voice narrated a preview of the next original installment of the popular ABC series. "Every season, there's one episode people will be talking about all year long," he intoned. "This is it." Over spliced images of various cast members in peril - Sawyer collapsed, Shannon screamed, Ana-Lucia pointed a gun - the narrator made a promise. "Three weeks from tonight, one of these survivors will be lost. Forever."

Here we are three weeks later - and indeed, someone is going to die on tonight's "Lost." That the ABC promotions department alerted viewers to that plot twist last month was meant to create excitement for the episode, which is the first "Lost" during the November ratings sweeps period. But among a certain segment of frenzied fans, the information was not new at all. From its debut, in September 2004, "Lost" has inspired a devoted base of followers who pore over every episode searching for answers to the show's many mysteries.

Gossip about television flows freely on the Internet. Advance information about plot developments - referred to as "spoilers" - is regularly slipped to reporters, to writers for entertainment Web sites like Ain't It Cool News and onto message boards. These leaks are a constant source of anguish to the creators of shows like "Lost," who, naturally, don't want the surprises they've planned to be ruined.

Damon Lindelof and Carlton Cuse, two executive producers of "Lost," said they have no idea how the purveyors of spoilers get information about their series. They have put in place a numerical coding system to keep track of scripts, but it doesn't seem to fix the problem. At the end of last season, when the writers were determined to keep a kidnapping in the finale a secret, they were driven to extremes. Internally, the scene was referred to only by a prosaic nickname: "the bagel." And only the actors in that particular scene received script pages. Read More...

A female will get killed of, and it's not Rousseau. Not everyone will be back for the full season. Read More...

During the November sweeps, you will not only be seeing the death of a major character.... Read More...

A regular female character's death apparently happens in this episode, and AICN reports that it's __________. Apparently, the death is "pretty gruesome. And the killer will be featured rather prominently in an upcoming issue of TV Guide magazine." Read More...

Okay, so someone will die...we know that much. The rest of it is likely, but heck you never know...

Mentioned in the first article, Kristin went alittle overboard with her spoilers... I pretty much covered most of them in AOBTD: Part One. But what really gave alot away was this particular one:

I just found out HOW the female on Lost dies and ... I want to cry. I'm not kidding. It's so shocking. So good. And so unbelievable. The doomed female dies NOT at the hands of the monster. But it is at the hands of someone we know who .... well, given this twist, just might BE a monster.

Inasmuch as I've pretty much filled in all the loose holes I missed in AOBTD:Part One and AOBTD: Part Two, I'll give my "prediction".

Sawyer will have some trouble once again keeping up with the rest of the tailies and eventually they'll leave him to fend for himself in the jungle. Charlie and Claire get closer and later Locke begins to "apprentice" Claire much like he did with Walt and later Boone. This gets on Charlie's nerves like it hitherto did to Michael, and later Shannon. Speaking of Shannon, she will see another specter-hallucination-vision of Walt. Her love for Sayid takes an extreme change—not necessarily a bad one though. However Shannon will still think about Boone and begin to worry about the people on the raft. Later, a different female will well...kill Shannon, most likely with a gun leaving a gruesome scene for the viewers to watch. The face of the killer is never revealed.

The flashbacks could probably take two different paths:

1. Shannon will be portrayed as a full-grown adult. You will get a glimpse of Boone and see that Shannon was manipulative and was married. Her husband, named either Daniel or Adam, will be killed by (Boone maybe?), and will try to no avail to be saved by Jack.

2. Shannon will be portrayed as a teenager. You will see her mother and her friend Nora and some of the flashbacks will be in their ballet class. Shannon's dad, Daniel/Adam Rutherford, will be killed. A different, more kind and innocent side of Shannon will be shown.
The fact that her father dies will mirror her death on the island and will give the impression that she will be happiliy reunited with him in the afterlife.

Like I said before, if you're reading this after the episode, you're probably just cracking up at how off I was...

---See also, Part One and Part Two.

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