Another One Bites the Dust

As many readers know...another one bites the dust. A female this time—and a crash survivor at that. Now let's see if we can eliminate the impossible, identify the probable, and solve. But, what I deem really interesting is not who is shot, persay, but who is holding the gun...and why.

Who Shot J.R.?:

This person is intentionally killed, although the reason will not be known to us immediately. This is not a LOST murder mystery though, it's more of a why'd they do it. The person who dies is a crash survivor. The person who kills them will not be revealed until the November sweeps week episode (of course). The network will dangle this information for a while to build anticipation. (Another "who shot JR" moment.) The full time-line is: Death in Episode 6. Rerun the following week. Then episode 7 which is mostly told in flashback from the tail-section point of view, but ends with a teaser of who killed ________. Then Episode 8 which reveals who the killer is. Look for this person to deceive everybody except for a select few.

It's highly likely, but not necessarily true, that since Episode 7 is based upon Ana Lucia and her tail section cronies, that she won't be getting the boot in week 6. Also, she's a relatively new character and therefore wouldn't stimulate many tears or surpise in viewers.

A female will get killed of, and it's not Rousseau. Not everyone will be back for the full season. I've heard that Walt is not planning on coming back until a little later in the season ... I'm assuming he might be missing for a while.

I think that was self-explanatory. Rousseau=not die.

I just found out HOW the female on Lost dies and ... I want to cry. I'm not kidding. It's so shocking. So good. And so unbelievable. The doomed female dies NOT at the hands of the monster. But it is at the hands of someone we know who .... well, given this twist, just might BE a monster.

So it's surprising and we most likely someone we like will die.

It's not Hurley or Claire [who bites the dust next.] We will be seeing less of Malcolm/Walt.

It wasn't Hurley in the first place, but now we can also eliminate Claire.

Cynthia Watros (Libby)

Also from the Tail End, and most likely will live.

I've also heard that Rose will not be the one to go. So that eliminates her.

A female series regular will die at the hands of another female series regular. 

Wow! That leaves for so little possibilities. Ofcourse Kristin@E!Online isn't always right...but...Could Ana Lucia kill Shannon? Could Shannon kill Ana? Or maybe the phrase "at the hands of" is more of a literal expression.

Jack won't be the one to kill her.

Alright, got it.

My only love sprung from my only hate.

What are the chances they will die, on a scale from one to ten?

Claire: 0
Ana Lucia: 1.5
Libby: .1
Rose: 0
Danielle: 0
Sun: 2
Kate: 3
Shannon: 9.5

Why Shannon?

It's a Shannon episode, which leads me to believe they will make us feel sorry for her and then send her to work on X-men 3.

I've also heard that we will see a manipulative and also a kinder side of Shannon in her flashbacks. In my opinion Shannon could either send the shot or get shot herself.

So who will be the killer?

Could it be Locke, for the better of the Island?
Could it be Kate, Danielle, or Sawyer, who somehow are almost always in possession of a gun.
Or even Sayid, because he mistakenly or not, discovers that dating Shannon goes against personal moral or religious values. (Therefore I choseth the title of this hither section.) Or maybe Shannon had done something incredibly wrong against him or another person. Either way, this would an extraordinary plot twist.

She is the killer: 2
She bites the dust 9.5

---The various spoilers are from various sources such as: Kristin on E!Online,, Ask Ausiello @ TV Guide EDIT: I've heard that Rose does NOT die and I've added that in.

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