News: 10/12/05

iTunes Music Store Episode Downloads

New with iTunes 6, you can download episodes of "Lost" for $1.99 apiece right to your computer. Every episode of last season, as well what we've seen of Season Two is available for purchase. What is really remarkable is that they are available the day after the television premiere. If you miss tonight's episode, watch it tommorow for a convenient though somewhat costly click of the mouse. If you are fortunate enough to be able to purchase the new iPod, you can actually watch "Lost" on that iPod screen. Now that's cool.

Mr. Cluck's

Go to Mr. Cluck's, the homepage of the fast food restaurant where Hurley worked.

"Which character will die this season?"

I don't know but it sure isn't Hurley or Claire.

Ooohh, yeah! "Lost" is on tonight.

And it will be good. This episode focuses on Hurley and the fast food place where he is employed. Back on the island, Sawyer's wound becomes infected. Ana Lucia whacks him upside the head. Then he gets tortured by the rest of the people from the tail-end. Oouuch. Poor fellow... Then we meet Bernard, Rose's husband. He is played by Sam Anderson.

And somehow, someway, Jin speaks English?

"Everything is going to change."


---Blah Blah Blah Blah Blah. Sorry, I felt like it.

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Anonymous said... 7:07 PM

That is an image of the NEW hatch

Also the Cluck code is something like Jack will DIP his fit in the ocean or water or something... not die from the MR CLUCKS WEBSITE


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