Lost in Neverland

For some reason or other, "Lost" continues to remind viewers of J. M. Barrie's Peter Pan.

Yes, I'm in reference to the long-lived greenclad island boy whom befriends the sprite Tinkerbell.

Let's break it down:

1) Two mysterious isands
2) Pirates/Others who kidnap kids
3) The "Others" we saw in "...and Found", who seem to resemble little kids could be the lost boys.
4) Michael carried around a teddy bear tied on a string wherever he went. In "...and Found", one of the "Others" did that also.
5) The Black Rock looks like the pirate ship.
6) Is the "Monster" Tinkerbell or the crocodile?
7) Locke is bald like Captain Hook.
8) Marvin Candle from the "Orientation" video did not have the ability to use his left arm for some reason. Hook is also missing limbs.
9) Disney holds the rights to Peter Pan.
10) Peter Pan's shadow=black smoke anyone?
11) It would explain how the Black Rock is in the middle of the Island.
12) In the mural there is a picture of a guy with an Indian Headress on. Peter wore an Indian Headress.

Most likely this means either nothing or is just another allusion to a great work of literature. However, maybe the island is supposed to be Neverland years in the past or years into the future. Or maybe it's a twisted partially orignal type of Neverland? Will we see a colorful man in leafy tights show up in a future episode? Probably not..

...but heck, Spiderman worked.

---Hullabaloo is a funny word.

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