The people who know the secrets behind the unfolding story of castaways stranded on a remote island on the hit ABC series "Lost" know that somewhere in our collective imagination, we all hunger for life's answers.

Behind the mystery of the hatch, the Others and those darn numbers is a creative writing staff that is constantly examining the journey of life from various cultural viewpoints, and conjuring up adventures that fans can relate to on multiple levels.

"The show is called 'Lost' because all the characters are lost in their lives," says Damon Lindelof, co-creator and executive producer of the show. "We're really telling redemptive stories. We show character flaws in the past, and explore ways these people can evolve on the island and redeem themselves."

Each week, 10 writers collaborate to create the tales that feature 14 major characters in a production process filled with tight deadlines. During November sweeps, the schedule is so packed that a request for a photo shoot of the writers was denied for lack of time. Continues Reading...

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