Next Week's Previews: Spoilerific!

Vist and view the US and Canadian Previews under Next on Lost heading.

US Preview Key Points:
The crosses in the ground are most likely proof that Shannon will be buried.
Kate says, "Do you believe in ghosts?"
Kate appears to recieve an unexpected blow to the back when talking to Sawyer.

Canadian Preview Key Points:
Locke and Eko discover something about the Dharma video that makes them think differently about it.
Kate kisses Jack.
Time runs out after Locke fails to type in the numbers swiftly enough.

This is definately going to be a BIG episode. Not only are all the events mentioned in the preview going to happen, but in the flashbacks we supposedly find out what "Kate did"!

---Maybe Kate will be haunted by a Jack's father-like specter in the form of someone she had killed..."Do you believe in ghosts?"

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