ABC's Lost is the key to success.

Henry Ian Cusick is experiencing a big-in-Japan moment. Just weeks ago, the actor couldn’t leave his LA apartment without being mobbed by squealing fans, but back home in Britain nobody has a clue who he is.
All that will change next year, when the second series of Lost, the hit American desert-island drama, is aired in the UK. Cusick joins the cast at the start of series two (currently airing in America), playing Desmond, an enigmatic Scot who appears to have been hiding out on the island since before the plane crashed, leaving 48 telegenic survivors stranded.

His star status will be further enhanced next year with a big screen appearance opposite Demi Moore in the film Half Light.

“It’s strange,” reflects the half-Scots, half-Peruvian actor, sitting in the living room of his Kent home, surrounded by books and videos as well as children’s toys, a punchbag and an accordion. “One minute people are coming up to you at the supermarket checkout and the next you are back home and it is as if it never happened.” Read More...

---Almost but not entirely unlike tea.

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