Hoax or Plant?

A Fuselage.com member known as Samuel DeGroot posted a topic called "Dharma Initiative Classification Film". The contents of his post are as follows:

I wish I had enough time to introduce myself further, but I feel endangered even as I type this message. It was in late November, 1982, when I was removed from the Dharma group after a secondary incident which involved both my brother Gerald and his wife Karen.

Since that time I've had 23 years of forced normalcy, until that fateful evening in 2004 when hearing news reports of the disappearance of a flight from Sydney, Austalia enRoute to Los Angeles. Under other circumstances I wouldn't have thought otherwise, but it was an Oceanic flight, and those numbers. Those numbers.*

I knew it would be a matter of time before another incident would take place, and soon my past would eventually catch up with me. During my time at Dharma I had been given a series of 8mm training films, all but gone except for one which I had returned. It's this film I've transferred to digital format. Perhaps this can serve beneficial to those who may need it. I don't plan on being here very long anyway.


The link takes you to an area to download a movie. Unfortunately, since my Windows Media Player wasn't working properly, I could not view the movie. However, I've heard about it's contents and have provided some screenshots:

List of Stations and Initiative Classifications:

Station 1:
Station 2:
Station 3:
Station 4:
Station 5:
Station 6:

You may have recognized Station 3 as being the logo of the "Hatch" and Station 4 as being the logo of the Talies hideaway "hatch". However, the logo on the shark is not listed...

What people are saying:

1) Lol, it isn't real there's spelling mistakes!

2) It says Walt Disney Corp. is the author.

3) Font doesn't coincide with "Orientation" video.

4) Japanese music is clearly the effect of someone trying to match the "Orientation" video, but just not getting it.

5) The guy in the movie looks like the guy who stole Walt.

6) The guy's cheek fat and nose structure do not exactly match those of the guy who stole Walt.2

7) Obvious overuse of the "Old Film" plugin.

8) Doesn't match the Dharma Logos on the http://www.megalottojackpot.com/ website.1

9) Someone obviously took their fandom way too far.

Mr. Bloggerson's input:

Hoax or plant? Was it planted by ABC to get "Lost" minds churning about the secrets of Dharma? Or is it just a hoax created by someone who likes "Lost" maybe even more than I do?

Hoax. Spelling mistakes give it away. Anyone can customize what the author is listed as in a movie. ABC wouldn't use a third-party website to upload a file. Among other things...

Kudos to the creater of the movie—I hear it was done very well.

---*Edited for inappropriate content. 1Check out an Easter Egg on that site. 2NOT KIDDING! Look

Posted byNick at 3:08 PM

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Lost Blog said... 10:17 AM  

I came to similar conclusions regarding the "officialness" of that movie. Thanks for posting such a thought-out and reasoned analysis!

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