Really Bad Theories

^Above, is "Lost" the Matrix?

Everyone who has watched LOST has probably developed some theory about the show. These ones are just really bad...

Lost Lectures

"Lost" has made people become more knowledgeable in numerology, physics, ethics, and so forth each week in their attempt to unlock clues to the basis of the show. This is reasonable because "Lost" is secretly sponsored by the League of Evil High School Teachers Society. Soon every episode of "Lost" will end in "To learn more about the Chaos Theory talk to your local Math Teacher" or "Check out your local library for more on John Locke, Philosopher."


They're all in Purgatory. This theory is widely regarded as the most unlikeliest. If you announce this theory to a serious "Lost" fan I suggest you take cover.


The monster is really a dinosaur.

Lost is the MATRIX!

'nuff said.

GMT: Genetic Mirror Theory

This theory is really long and confusing but basically everyone has a mirror image of themselves. The numbers have brought everyone together on the island because "8" is part of 4 8 15 16 23 42 and it stands for the 8th continent. This theory was originally from a book written in 1988 by Marsielles Rousseau. Unfortunately, this book doesn't exist...


The monster is a metallic snakelike organism.

Desmond is Hitler

Desmond is Hitler. He is using the numbers to create a perfect race of humans. The people on the plane were brought to the island because they have the best genes.

Envious Island

The island created a cave-in in "The Moth" because Charlie said "I'm a bloody rock god." Jealous and mad, the island realeased it's fury.

Captain Nemo

Desmond is Captain Nemo from 20,000 Leagues Under the Sea.

It means nothing.

The producers are just creating the most random events to put on "Lost". They don't even know how to answer any of the questions they've raised or even what the show means. The show means nothing.


Aliens have abducted the characters and put them in an alternate universe that looks like an island. They have created no way out.

I'm afraid to say that I have read or heard all of these theories and I've summarized them. The originally theories are from the authors who thought of them.

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