70s Hatch Pad: Part One

Finally, after many an episode of waiting, a secret of "Lost" has been revealed! The contents of the "hatch" are actually a guy named Desmond who enjoys 70s music, working out, making smoothies, and taking naps. However, suddenly he must get dressed in a security suit and spy on the people outside the "hatch" using outdated instruments. You saw the episode; You know what I mean.


Obviously I won't be able to cover every single thing I've learned recently, so I will start with something I find very interesting. In the "70s Hatch Pad", there is graffiti on a wall.

I will explain my thoughts on various aspects portrayed:

1) There multiple stick figures in the upper left hand corner. Perhaps they are meant to be the Others or the "Lost" islanders themselves?

2) There is an arrow pointing toward waves next to the word "out". I believe that Desmond (assuming he illustrated this graffiti) is showing that the ocean is the only way off the island.

3) One of the most conspicuous features of the graffiti is the sun with the numerals "108" inside. The number 108 is the sum of "Hurley's Numbers": 4 8 15 16 23 42.

4) In the bottom right hand corner you will see an "eye", the letter M and the word "sick"—in that order. As you probably guessed this means "I am sick" and relates with the whole Quarantine affair.

5) You will notice two houses.

6) In the upper right hand corner there is a dark face and a light face. They both hold very evil and painful expressions but something I found interesting is the headwear of the light-faced figure. He is wearing what appears to be an tribal hat or interestingly enough a uniform hat of a Fast Food Chicken Restaraunt. Avid Lost fans think hard.... (-:

7) There is a very unclear image of what appears to be a raft or boat of some sort.

8) There are various fish in the picture.

9) To the right, above "I am Sick" there is a stick figure who is drawn completely upside down.

10) The mural looks like it could have been drawn by Claire's boyfriend.

Posted byNick at 6:46 PM

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ike said... 10:01 PM  

Good blog. Did anyone else notice the shark that attacked the boat has the same emblem on it's tale as the food rations in the hatch? I paused the DVR and it was an exact match. Check it out if you Tivo'd it.

Nick said... 10:01 AM  

Yes, I did and that will probably be the topic of "70s hatch pad: part 2".

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