70s Hatch Pad: Part Two

Dharma but not Greg

Whether you have noticed it or not, a symbol has been pervading the contents of the "hatch".

Where is it?

^It is on Desmond's medicine cabinet in the "hatch".

Locke looks. As J. Locke walks into the "hatch" he sees the "symbol".Click here.

It appears on food that has been stowed away in a closet of the "hatch".Click here.

Who stole the cookies from the cookie hatch? A few castaways enjoy cookies from a case with the "symbol" on the box. This picture is a promotional one for an upcoming episode.Click here.

Eerie, this one is. An image of the "symbol" has appeared on the shark that threatened Michael and Sawyer in Ep. 2 Adrift.
Click Here.

What is it?

^A symbol called Ba Gua, similar to "Dharma".

I don't know all that much about the "Dharma" symbol, but apparently it is very similar to a Buddhist symbol. Here you can find more about "Dharma" and how it relates to Buddhism.

I've also read that numerous people hang this symbol in front of their homes to protect them from any type of evil.

Also, the area in the center represents yin/yang, good/evil, black/white which ties into the symbolism already present in the show. Going back to the concept of protection of your home, some people use a mirror in the center instead. This is supposed to mirror evil away.

I recommend reading David1992's post which explains this furthur; It can be found here.

Why is it?

*silence* Hmmmmmm. Perhaps Desmond is superstitious. Or maybe he is conducting a huge experiment on the island involving nanotechnology and genetic manipulation which would explain the monster and the shark. Hey, you never know. Also, he maybe trying to protect himself from the "sickness".

A Disproven Theory

A speculation was made that the "D" in Dharma was actually a calligraphic "P" and the snakelike line in the senter was an "S". This would make S. Pharma which opens an entirely different speculation. However, in some pictures of the "symbol" it can be clearly seen that the letter is a "D".

Symbolism in the Symbol

I take it that you've noticed that the symbol on the Shark is not entirely the same as the other places the symbol has been shown. I really don't know why. However, the other depictions of the symbol show a curly line in the center that appears to be either a snake or a swan. The one the shark shows is just a straight line.

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