Daniel Roebuck and Finale

Daniel Roebuck will appear in the last three episodes of this season, "Born to Run" and the Both parts of the Finale. He was born on March 4th, 1963 in Bethlehem, Pennslyvania. He has appeared in Agent Cody Banks 2, Agent Cody Banks, Quints, Final Destination, Nash Bridges, just a few among his about 50 shows and movies he's appeared in played a lead role in.
The Finale will be called Exodus: Part 1 and 2
(note-this information was derived from the fact that Daniel Roebuck will appear in Exodus: Part 1 and 2, and so I may be one of few who knows that this will be the name of the episode. I assume it refers to the departure of the newly built ship by Michael and Jin
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Relax, Lost will have a second season as far as I know, the rumor was just an April Fool's Joke.

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