The Others

Lo and Behold:
A spoiler/speculation so interesting that it will amaze and bewilder you. A spoiler that can only be heard to be believed....anyway just keep reaading---it will blow your mind.

Remember Rose, the traumatic black woman who is intent on the belief that her husband, Bernard, isn't infact St. Bernard yet----but still lives on, although he was on the plane with her and no trace of him has been found. Everything on Lost happens for reason---trust me I read that somewhere. So they probably wouldn't make her say that for no good reason--So what I'm trying to say is, her husband is alive.

Remember "DEUS EX MACHINA" and Boone hearing a man speaking onto the tranciever. If you want, listen to it:
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Barely making it out you probably just heard the mysterious voice answer with stuff that gets us nowhere like "Hello" and "Who is this?"
Now listen very closely after Boone says,"We are the Survivors of Oceanic Flight 815." The voice should say something very revealing.
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Bad ears? The Voice said, "No, we are the survivors of Oceanic Flight 815.
Lemme Repeat that for you--NO WE ARE THE SURVIVORS OF OCEANIC FLIGHT 815.
Whoa did he really say that?

Okay here's my theory:

When Oceanic Flight 815 crashed the back half was shown to have broken off. Suppose the back half of the plane landed somewhere else on the island. The survivors of the back half of the plane would assume that the rest of the occupants of the plane were dead and as we know the front half assumed that they were the only survivors. The mysterious voice on the tranciever was the voice of a survivor of the back half of the plane living on a different place on the island.

Rose had some inner sense that told her that her husband was still alive. Her husband must have crashed with the rest of the survivors and is living on a different part of the island. He is living with the same group of people that the mysterious tranciever voice guy is living with!!!

A spoiler(see a previous post) states that in the finale they will go all the way back to when the plane first crashed. At first this seems to make no sense because what possibly could have happened that would reveal something in the crash. I think that they will show the back half of the plane crashing this time.

Posted byNick at 8:50 PM

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Anonymous said... 9:52 AM  

Nice theory but didn't they already find the front half of the plan? The episode where the pilot got yanked out, killed and left in the treetops.

Anonymous said... 8:36 PM  

yeah, they found the front but not the back of the plane...they were the in the middle remember? this is so EXCITING!!

Bri said... 8:55 PM  

well, they did find the front part, but they were the middle part. there is still the back of the plane that they havent found. so there might be more survivors. do you all want more cast members though? maybe there will only be like 5.

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