4 8 15 16 23 42 expanded

- # of years Locke was in his wheelchair
- # of guns in Marshall's case
- # of aces on Boone's t-shirt
- # of years since Hurley's grandfather got his pacemaker
- # of years since Sam Toome killed himself
- # of years since Sawyer made his “birthday wish”
- # of people that will fit on Micheals raft
- # of months michealangelo stared at marble “working” in Locke’s story/Boone then asks if they’re going to stare at the hatch for 4 months
- # of miles due west back to camp from where Locke ties up Boone
- # of people Micheal needed to help did Jack out of the cave-in
- # of refills of Shannons inhaler Boone brought with him
- # of people to die since the plane crash(the sky marshall, Scott, the lady that drowned, Ethan)
- # of days that pass before Jack decides to burn the fuselage/bodies for a signal
- # of kids the nurse taking care of Micheal has
- # of traps Locke sets up around camp to get Ethan
- # of times Hurley says Charlie shot Ethan(He actually was shot 6 times)
- # of months the Psychic tried to convince Claire to raise her baby alone before giving her money and telling her of the couple in LA
- # of planes on Claires baby mobile in her dream
- # of weeks ago John wouldn’t have believed his crazy talk
- # of dice(dotted) in a back gammon game
- Shannon asks Boone what him and Locke have been doing in the jungle for the past 4 days
- Sayid said the French signal could be a SAT 4
- Leonard playing the game Connect Four
- Walt says he needs a 4-3 in the backgammon game

- # of months Claire was pregnant when they crashed
- # of Km the hitman tells Jin to drive
- # of people that die in Hurley's shoe factory fire
- # of whiskey shots between Sawyer and Christian Shepherd
- # of hours Kate would spend in the woods with her father tracking deer
- # of years since Micheal got hit by car
- # of years Micheals been writing Walt
- # of months Locke and Helen have been talking
- # of days since Charlie went with out his guitar
- # of weeks driveshaft was going to tour
- # of days after the crash Jack/other survivors moved to the caves
- # of years Micheal worked in construction
- # of months since farmers wife died
- # of years since Kate was arrested(based on mug shot info)
- Sawyers age when his Dad killed himself and his wife(sawyer may have been 9)
- Shannon's age when her Dad married Boones Mom
- news station at Hurley’s Lotto interview
- Walt born in August
- Aisle the regulation footballs are in at the toy store locke works at

- # of members on Danielle's research team
- # on whiskey bottle that Sawyer and Christian drink from
- # of hours Boone flew to rescue his sister
- # of kilometers to nearest town from aussie farm
- aisle the nerf footballs are in at the toy store locke works at

- # of years Danielle’s distress has been looping
- # of weeks since someone won the lottery before Hurley
- # of years since Sam and Lenny heard the numbers
- # of hours Jack told the lady at the airport desk he had to land in LAX to bury his father/# of hours of flight
- # of red dots in the Oceanic Logo
- Jack, Kate, and Charlie found the pilot 16 hours after the crash
- Age of patient of Jacks first solo procedure
- On numerical die in backgammon game, firs time played
- On “dotted” die in same game numbers were 4, 2, 6, 4, which when added = 16

- Jack's seat number was 23A
- The reward for turning Kate in is $23,000

- # of spaces on a game of Connect Four board
- # of days late Claires period was when she found out she was preggers

* 815 *
- Flight #815
- Safety deposit box that Kate wanted
- Copier Charlie sold was model #C-815
- Locke tells his mom the footballs are in aisles 8 and 15

* Major Multiples *
- Plane hit turbulence at 40,000 ft
- Charlie jokes about Locke bringing 400 knives
- The guy with the beans was running that scam for 40 years
- “Adam and Eve” have been in the caves for 40 years
- Sawyer got $160,000 from the girls husband as part of the scam

* Combos *
- Driveshaft is #234 on the jukebox. 23 and 4
- 48 survivors. 4 and 8


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Anonymous said... 4:57 AM  

Wouldn't the piolt be counted as one of the people died since he was alive after the crash only to be killed by the beast of the island?

Anonymous said... 2:17 AM  

Retired Yankees numbers:
4 Lou Gehrig
8 Yogi Berra
15 Thurman Munson
16 Whitey Ford
23 Don Mattingly
42 Jackie Robinson (retired by MLB)

also coordinates (decimal) for their location

Anonymous said... 5:10 PM  

Make a bitmap from the numbers:

.....*.. 4
....*... 8
....**** 15
...*.... 16
...*.*** 23
..*.*.*. 42

definitely, it is some kind of picture.

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