The above numbers that appear (as shown) on the "hatch" and the "lottery ticket" and "transmission etc." are color coded to the list below. The chart identifies what each might mean, or its symbolism.

RED-4---refers to various time ranges etc. in the lives of people involved in the show such as >Lenny was playing connect 4.
"4" is a number that also means death.

PURPLE-8---The numbers 8 and 15 form the number in the name of the plane>Oceanic-815

BLUE-15---The numbers 8 and 15 form the number in the name of the plane>Oceanic-815

TEAL-16---Danielle Rouseau aka "French lady" has been on the island for 16 years. Also, the lottery has not been won in 16 weeks before Hurley(Hugo) won it. (sry this dosnt really look like the color in the picture.)

GREEN-23---symbolizes chaos, especialy with some computer thinghie, i dunno. You can probably find out more about the history of the number 23 by googling it. It's also my favorite number.

YELLOW-42---The number of survivors on the island.

Posted byNick at 4:15 PM

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BBouwens said... 3:10 PM  

Actually, they flight left from gate 23, and the 777 has 42 rows of seats. There are morethan 42 survivors (show says 48, I don't know if that includes both groups)

Nick said... 3:43 PM  

When I wrote this post I wasn't aware of fact that they left from gate 23. It was months ago! Also, I believe there may have been 42 alive at some point during the series, however with the new additions of characters and such that is clearly not so. Also, there have been hundreds of "numbers" popping up all over the show since this post.

Anonymous said... 11:07 PM  

does anyone find it interesting that the time alotted for pushing the button to keep the island fron harm is 108 minutes(if you addup the integers you get 108)???

Anonymous said... 11:46 AM  

'666' are the numbers: Add the first 5 numbers, which equal 66 plus the last number 42 (4+2 = 6), and the mystery is unfolded 66 + 6 is 666.

Anonymous said... 1:31 PM  

Remember in the episode about Mr. Echo when him and Charlie were by the plane with all the drugs in it and the black smoke came and out of nowhere and Mr. Echo stared into it. Well if you rewind through the smoke it shows Mr. Echoes life. ???

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