How do the Others leave the island?

Let's look at the facts:

1. The Others have food and it must be replenished. In Ben's refrigerator, this food has the DHARMA label.
2. The Swan was associated with a food drop and at one point, the survivors found a food drop. There was also food in the hatch itself.
3. In "One of Us", Ben has Richard Alpert show Juliet's sister on a television screen in the Flame Hatch. Richard must have gone there very quickly and he is told to return as soon as possible. However, when Ben speaks to Alpert, his reply cannot be heard.
4. Juliet was drugged before being taken to the island. She wakes up in a submarine.
5. Juliet and Jack are told they can leave the island if they comply with the Others, and they will leave via the submarine.
6. Ben says that his people are free to leave the island but they always stay. The submarine gives them the choice. Ben says its destruction could cause problems for him.
7. Aircraft have crashed on the island (Oceanic Flight 815, which crashed thanks to Desmond, Beechcraft, Henry Gale's balloon).

These are just a few things that should be considered. Please tell me if something isn't accurate.

My theory:

The submarine is a decoy like the beards, the "station" that Sayid and co. found, etc. Ben uses it so the Others will believe that they can leave the island. Perhaps, it actually transports people to nearby island, where planes can come and go. By drugging Juliet, she misses this part of the trip and is led to believe that the submarine goes the entire length to and from the island. Also, the Others receive food via a DHARMA food drop of some sort. Alpert and Ethan would use the submarine to go to a nearby island to go on a plane. This is how they could transport supplies and bring people.

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