What happens next...

Below is the new video content revealed last night at the online broadcast on ABC.com. From what I understand, it is meant to be a continuation of the last video.

WARNING: This is the final revelation of The Lost Experience. There is a possibility of clues and spoilers. Therefore, watch with caution, but the video won't ruin the show for you.

See the comments for my thoughts on this.

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Posted byNick at 9:30 PM

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Nick said... 9:57 PM  

At the end of the film it appears that Hanso could have died because Rachel says "So long, dad."

I have a feeling he isn't dead, and we're missing out on something because of the messed up camera.

There's not much more to say except that now we know that Hanso is Rachel's father. Also, we know that (taking his word for it) he's not responsible for the problems and that Mittelwerk is the true culprit.

For fans who haven't even heard of The Lost Experience, names like Rachel Blake might be a bit unfamiliar. I'd like to see how they tie this all into the show and make sure casual fans aren't missing out.

I can't wait till October 4!!!!!!

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