Site News: August 21, 2006

The Lost Fan Blog has a completely new design!!! The template is based on Andreas02. Special thanks go out to for their free Blogger templates.

The design is not completely finished yet, but here's a few nice features it has so far:


The top of the page is completely different, with tabs for browsing important pages. There's still work to be done on the large tabs and the smaller tabs.

:One Sidebar:

Some may see this as a pro, some as a con. Instead of two sidebars, I've decided to rather focus on important sidebar info rather alot of it in two sidebars. It's a bit easier this way because there's no question as to which side something may be on.


This page informed me that there was an answer to an old problem that sooner or later Blogger users are troubled by. Why can't I make categories? Well, thanks to this page, I now can. Each new post will now say which category it is in. In the sidebar, there will be a Category section where you can choose posts to read from various categories. Right now, you probably see only one or two, but soon they'll be a lot more.

Where did your Fan Jargon, Reality Check, Characters, etc. pages go?

Like I said before, I'm not done with the design. They'll be available when I'm finished.

Posted byNick at 5:17 PM

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