Apollo Candy Bars

Yet another dimension is added to the television game that has extended to the internet, commercials, and your telephone. Apollocandy.com gives you information about the candy bar seen in the hatch, as I have mentioned before. There's more, however. You can actually obtain a free bar and eat it!

On certain dates, starting today, you can get a free candy bar in various cities throughout the U.S.A. and the U.K. Go to the site for more information.

I would assume the candy bar might hold some sort of clue. (So don't eat it right away, it could be part of the candy itself!)

If anyone has any pictures of the candy, please email me a link or post a link in the comments.


1. The giant candy bar that appears after clicking Apollo has text engraved in the chocolate. (wikipedia image of pieces put together)) This text is recognized to read whereisalvar.com. So far no one has been able to enter the site.

2. Expiration date: Oct 23, 06: 23 is one of the numbers.

3. Television broadcast ad

4. Clicking on "The Company" reveals some text and a balloon.

5. There is an inconsistancy where the bar is said to contain milk chocolate and, in another part of the site, dark chocolate.

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