Lost Season 2 DVD Screenshots

Check out some screenshots of the Lost Season 2 DVD.

The Disc 1 hatch menu makes me dizzy.

Posted byNick at 5:19 PM

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Anonymous said... 1:09 PM  

It has been many days since my last post. You must know that this is not my fault. I upgraded my blog to Blogger in Beta, resulting in an unfortunate series of problems. For a day or two, my blog was "in-migration" and you couldn't access it. I recieved a "congratulations" email, even though it didn't work. A few days after, my blog was visible. Great, but I couldn't edit it. I sent an email to Blogger. I sent another. I sent five emails in the last six days, and soon I will have to send another. I spent time chatting in the Blogger Help Group, and got no help.

Lucky for Google, this service is free, so I shouldn't expect anything.

But it's rather sad that they ignore most of the problems mentioned in the Help Group and most of the emails sent.

Well, I hope you can find your "Lost" news from another source until this problem is resolved...


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