"Lost" Games II: Lostopoly

I've seen a lot of fan-made stuff for "Lost" in my days, but Lostopoly really grabbed my attention. After discovering this at Lost Lovers Board I wanted to make sure people found out about it. Anyway, I just think it would be really cool to play a "Lost" version of Monopoly and something should be done to further this cause.

The design is awesome and very smooth. (minus copyright infringement on the logo and a spelling mistake: beachcraft->beechcraft, If the creator reads this, take this as my short criticism.)

There is word that a flash version may be developed or that it may even be sold to the public. Check it out here.

Don't forget to read "Lost" Games I.

Posted byNick at 4:42 PM

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Anonymous said... 7:13 AM  


My sister created this, I'll be sure to pass the message on - she'll be glad to see it's getting some attention too

Anonymous said... 1:32 PM  

Hi there, i'm the creator of LOSTopoly. Thanks very much for the comments- much appreciated. I'll be sorting out the mistakes soon :) ...thanks for pointing them out!


Anonymous said... 8:02 AM  

I am the owner of lostopoly.com.
I plan to use the board I made to launch an online game of lostopoly now that season 3 is done.

Anonymous said... 3:29 AM  

Please visit at Lostopoly.com

Anonymous said... 1:14 AM  

Just be careful with copyright - they also have copyright on the coloured squares. You need to use a different shape/colour combination!

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