"Lost" Games I: Ubisoft "Lost" Game

Ubisoft has announced today that it will be producing a "Lost" video game. Unlike the ongoing online adventure, this will be a "real" video game. The release in 2007 will fulfill a former rumor. Read article below.

Last month, the ABC television network announced it was making an interactive game based on its hit series Lost. Though partially Web-based, the Lost Experience is more of an alternate-reality game than a proper video game. Since it started several weeks ago, it has prompted viewers to visit Web sites via fake television ads for the Hanso Foundation, the mysterious organization staging sinister experiments on the tropical island Lost is set on.

Today, Ubisoft has announced it is making a proper Lost game. The French publisher's Montreal studio is developing the project, which is set to arrive on PCs, consoles, and handhelds next year. It may also be noteworthy that Ubisoft Montreal also develops the Far Cry Instincts series, which also features a mysterious organization staging sinister experiments on a tropical island. (The original Far Cry was developed by German studio CryTek.) Read more...

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