Live Together, Die Alone Recap

Official Recap:

"As Jack, Sayid and Sawyer swim out to meet the sailboat bobbing just offshore, we almost feel relieved to discover that this is definitely NOT the way off the island. After coming this far, you knew it wasn't going to be that easy now, didn't you?

But in addition to returning Desmond to the island, that boat just may have just brought Sayid the advantage he needs to put his own plan into action. And as he and Jack form a very important secret, Michael leads his "team" into the jungle, towards a now very uncertain fate..." —Read it at ABC

Whoa! The finale was awesome! Please post comments about what you thought of the episode.

Posted byNick at 11:13 PM

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Anonymous said... 11:25 PM  

How was it awesome? What did we learn? Nothing as usual. Magnets brought the plane down. Big deal. Who are the others, etc.

Casey said... 11:31 PM  

LOST is the _Moby-Dick_ of the 21st century.

If it answered the big questions, everyone would immediately lose interest.

Greg said... 11:53 PM  

There's a fine line between too much and too little information.

We need more's too frustrating to get this little. Think about how much we've learned since the beginning of the season. Very, very little.

angelleena said... 2:16 AM  

I thought the finale was excellent. It did exactly what it was supposed to - leave you wanting more!!!! We did get a lot of information, it may have presented itself in easy-to-take dosages but look at all we learned. We now know about the electromagnetic force that is central to the island's mysteries. We also know that our captive other was in fact a very important member of the OTHERS. We saw two boats in working order. We were told there is a way to be rescued by boat. The hatch was important and had a significant purpose. Michael revealed that he killed Libby and Ana Lucia. This is a lot of information. New mysteries also revealed themselves including the four toed statue - what's up with that? I can't wait for next season!!

Lost & Found said... 9:16 AM  

I think the writers have opened so many can's of worm's that they'll never be able to wrap it all up. They think that we'll forget about all the unanswered questions from the past if they keep bringing up new ones. What happen to the thing in the jungle that shakes tree's and attacks people...(Ok it scared a few people maybe it never attacked anyone) But honestly do you think the writers will find that one silver bullet that answers all of our questions? If they do we'll all be here saying why did I waste my Wednesday's for the last 4 years for this. IMHO we're all in for a big let down from the writers.

jason said... 9:46 AM  

It was a stellar finale. It changed the entire dynamic of the show: The hatch is exhausted, the two groups (others, crash victims) are more fully intertwined, and we learn that someone outside the island is looking for it. It didn’t answer all our immediate questions, but it gave us a broader view of the story. I’m very excited for next season.

Anonymous said... 2:26 PM  

The finale was pretty good had its moments..

I thought the Libby-Desmond thing was a stretch...(seems like the Producers were trying a little too hard to tie them was unneccessary, but we will see)

I loved the Desmond background (the guy is a great actor) and I hope he survives and adds to the show....

I wish the producers didnt completely reveal who answered the phone call in the very last scene
it would have made for an interesting summer of speculation....

As for next season I cant wait:

What happens to Jack, Kate, and Sawyer?

What happens to Desmond, Locke, and Eko?

What happens to Said, Jin, Sun?

What happens to Walt and Michael ?...

Who are the others?

Still alot of questions...

Overall I thought the 2nd season started strongly...kinda tapered out in the middle...but came back with a vengenace towards the end

see you in Sept.

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