Plot of "Lockdown"...or is it?

This was posted on the imdb Boards. Supposedly, it is Insider Scoop. However, I think that anyone who has seen the promos, previews, spoilers, etc. for the next episode could piece together something along these lines. Regardless, it's worth a read.

The following is a synopsis / spoiler for “Lockdown”. If you don’t want to know what happens before the show airs then don't read any further.

In flashbacks this week, we see how Locke got conned again by his father. Locke is planning a picnic. Helen is looking at the paper, and reads that Locke's father Cooper has died. After they attend the funeral and everything, Locke proposes to Helen at a picnic but to his surprise she refuses saying she's not ready just yet. Locke then works as a home inspector, and informs Nadia (the woman from Sayid's flashbacks) on buying a suburban home. She has a baby and a husband so it seems she has moved on.

There is really a lot of flashback material here so to make a long story short, in the end it turns out Cooper faked his own death to get the insurance money and flee the country. It is also interesting how it revealed that Cooper was the real "Sawyer" the whole time. Helen was working with him as well. This blow hits Locke harder than anything, and he goes after Cooper who gets into his taxi and drives off. Locke gets into his truck and follows after. He crashes with another car, and the accident is what put him into the wheel chair.

The Losties begin with Locke putting Henry back into the empty armory. He and Jack discuss and argue over what he said about the map and the ambush. Locke suggests that they go after them (Sayid, Anna, and Charlie). Jack agrees and decides to go while Locke stays for the button.

Kate wants to go with Jack as usual, and this time he agrees.

In the hatch, Locke is working out when suddenly the hatch takes on a life of its own. The P.A. suddenly goes off and starts making weird scratchy noises. Locke goes to investigate and we hear a woman's voice. I couldn't hear what she saying, but just then all hell breaks loose. Lights suddenly start flaring, doors shutting, and basically going into lockdown. Locke is now trapped inside the hatch with Henry.

In the jungle, Sayid, Anna, and Charlie all meet back up with each other after finding nothing. Just as they are about to head back they all look up and see Henry Gale's balloon, and the grave of his wife.

Back at the hatch, Locke asks Henry to help him with this problem, and it is revealed that Henry knows more about the hatch and its functions that he was initially letting on, but oddly, we don't dwell on this. Locke gives Henry his word that he will not tell anyone about this. Henry turns the tables on Locke here.

As night comes, Jack & Kate are in the jungle searching. There is some nice dialogue between them here as they trek. We hear something in the trees and the two of them and go to see what it was - we see quickly what I think was another animal running off into the darkness (looked like a monkey to me), and Jack & Kate find a big supply of Dharma food and supplies on the ground, and more of Widmore Labs items. Sayid, Anna, and Charlie all meet them and fill them in on what they found.

In the hatch, Henry climbs up into the vents. Locke starts to have problems with his legs again. There is a lot of dialogue between him and Henry here but I'll just cut to the chase and say that Jack and friends arrive just as Henry reverses the lockdown (something about the blast-doors; a power take-off).

Henry goes to Locke to ask if he is OK. When Jack and the others enter, Sayid points the gun at him. I am not sure what went on here, but he now seems convinced that Henry is an Other, but Jack & Anna manage to talk him out of it. Sayid exits the hatch and Charlie follows. Locke tries to get up but he staggers and falls, Jack catches him. The island appears to be messing with his legs once again.

That is pretty much all. Jack and Anna talk with Henry about what happened. Jack wants to keep him here still, thinking he knows more about the hatch, Dharma, or something, than they do. Things are going downhill for Locke, he is beginning losing faith in the island.

In the promos for next week, looks like Hurley goes off the deep end. He begins seeing visions of an old friend on the island. We see him pointing a gun at somebody...

A few more arguments against

1) I don't think the "Insider" would have seen the previews.

2) An "Insider" might atleast know that Anna is spelled with one "n".

3) I like the idea that Cooper could be "the real Sawyer", but I don't know about him teaming up with Helen. Also, if I were a "Lost" writer I would see more drama in identifying "Sawyer" in Sawyer's own flashback or even have him show up on the island somehow!

4) Don't quote me on this but I believe the timeline is inaccurate for Nadia to be married with a kid during Locke's flashback and kind of an anticlimax in Sayid's story. Also, once again I'd probably save this revelation for Sayid's own flashback.

Of course I could be wrong.

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