This is an extremely unusual spoiler I found at Aintitcool.com. It says:

Does a powerful dead comic-book nerd named Aaron lock some of the Flight 815 survivors inside with Henry?

To make some connections here:

1) comic book reminds me of the Spanish comic book with the polar bear in it that Walt was reading in Season One. The comic originally belonged to Hurley, who read it on the plane.

2) Aaron, of course is the name of Claire's baby.

The "nerd" I believe will be the person who initiates the the "locking up" of the hatch and the loud sound inside that we heard and saw in the previews.

I'm starting to wonder if perhaps Claire chose her baby's name because it was the name of someone in her life. It sounds ludicrous, but perhaps this person causes the "Lockdown".

Honestly, I have no idea what this means (If it means anything at all)...and I think we shall just have to wait and see.

Posted byNick at 10:14 PM

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