Spoiler Vault Update: 1/20/06

01/18 - One of my moles has since confirmed that a new character is about to be introduced, although he/she refused to give me specifics on this person's age or gender. The episode currently in production features a pivotal recurring character that we have not yet seen this season. Source: Ask Ausiello @ TV Guide
01/17 - Dharma is an acronym but not an anagram. Source: January 17, Lost Podcast
01/17 - Lost star Harold Perrineau (Michael) [...], as curious as Lost viewers about the fate of young actor Malcolm David Kelley (Michael' son, Walt), recently asked producers what's up. They told him, "Wait until Season 3." Source: USA Today

I hope that viewers will soon decipher the meaning to DHARMA, because we now learned that it is an acronym. If you know or think you know the words that make up the abbreviation DHARMA email me and I'll be happy to post your thoughts.

---I'm sorry that I was unable to post yesterday.

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