Reportedly, the "Other" that Sawyer called Zeke asked someone named Alex to bring him Kate during the encounter between the "Others" and some of the castaways. Perhaps this person is actually the French lady, Danielle Rousseau's, son.

Posted byNick at 12:56 AM

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Anonymous said... 6:15 PM  

Alex is Danielle's daughter.

Nick said... 6:52 AM  

Ooops! My error. Although they never mentioned that Alex was indeed her son, they neither mentioned whether she/he was her daughter.

Anonymous said... 2:14 PM  

Alex is Danielle's daughter.On of the final episodes of the first season, the one where they see the black smoke. Danielle says while tellin the story of when the others took her child. She says"we saw the black smoke then that night they took 'HER' they took my alex. I can't remeber for sure but I am almost completely positive thats what shw said. Check and correct me if I'm wrong. THANX!

Nick said... 3:56 PM  

I looked through transcripts of Exoduses 1-3 and I'm pretty sure the quote you're refering to is this one:

Danielle: I just wanted my Alex back. I thought if I gave them the baby. . .

I couldn't find any identification of the gender of the baby but of course I could be wrong. If you'd like to search yourself you can check here.

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Anonymous said... 5:53 PM  

Ok I looked again and I found it. the quote I was refering to is this. DANIELLE:"The baby and I were together for 1 week when I saw black smoke,a pllar of black smoke 5 kilometers inland.That night they came.They came and took her,they took my baby." This takes place in Episode 23-Exodus 1

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