Hurleytalk: 002#

This is the an Episode of vipTalk, where I will provide word from the actors, actresses, or a team member. In this episode, you will read my second interview with Jorge Garcia—although you probably know him better as Hurley from "Lost".

I have been able to contact Jorge Garcia (Hurley Reyes) through, the Official Site of the creative team behind "Lost" sponsored by J.J. Abrams. Various actors from "Lost" post in the forums occasionally on this site as VIPs. Anyway, here is Hurleytalk 002#:

Me, MrBloggerson: Hey Jorge,

I was hoping you'd answer some questions for my site.

Me, MrBloggerson: Everyone's been talking about whether you're going to get a girl. We want Hurley to get a girlfriend. There's even been a petition that fans started. Anyway, do you think Hurley will ever get a girlfriend?

Jorge Garcia, ThinkImGonnaHurley: Well I'm patient let's wait and see.

Me, MrBloggerson: What was your favorite scene that you ever took part in on "Lost"?

Jorge Garcia, ThinkImGonnaHurley: I liked the exploding plane wing from episode one.

Me, MrBloggerson: What was your first job?

Jorge Garcia, ThinkImGonnaHurley: Acting? A movie called Tomorrow by Midnight.
Regular? I sanded and stained wood for a lady who did crafts with it.

Me, MrBloggerson: Do you have any pets?

Jorge Garcia, ThinkImGonnaHurley: A cat - Lil Nin
and Dach-HuaHua - Nunu

Me, MrBloggerson: Thanks,

Well, that about wraps it up for this edition of viptalk. Jorge was thankfully able to give alot more info than he did in Hurleytalk 001#.

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---Help Hurley in his quest for love!

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